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The Otherside Academy

The Other Side Academy is based on the methodology developed over the last 40 years know as the Therapeutic Community Model and is heavily based upon extensive study and learning from The Delancey Street Foundation, based in San Francisco and 4 other locations in the US as well as other successful Therapeutic Communities. Many individuals that will be admitted to The Other Side Academy have a history of social functioning, education/vocational skills, and positive community and family ties that have been eroded by their destructive and toxic lifestyles and choices. For them, integration back into society involves relearning or re-establishing healthy functioning, skills, and values as well as regaining physical and emotional health. Other students will have never acquired functional...

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Andy Ruiz X Black Label Paper Company Autographed Boxing Glove *GIVE-AWAY*

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2019 MJ Biz Con, Las Vegas - December 11-13th

What is MJBizCon Week? The series of events including and surrounding the world’s largest cannabis industry B2B event, MJBizCon, has been proclaimed MJBizCon Week by the Board of Clark County Commissioners and the City of Las Vegas, honoring MJBizCon’s increase in global recognition, rapid-expanding attendance and significant impact beyond the convention center walls. Read the official press release. MJBizCon Week is more than MJBizCon. We’ve pulled together an outstanding program of associated events and add-ons to ensure that everyone has the chance to meet their communities and make the connections that will advance their businesses during the first official MJBizCon Week. The MJBizCon Week Lineup   MJBizCon Add-On Programs        Add-On Networking Events Brought to you by the...

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Rosin Evolution: Why Choose Nylon for Rosin Screens

Why choose Nylon? When it comes to strength nothing beats nylon. Nylon was used for parachutes and ropes during World War II, so it’s strong and durable. Nylon is also well known for its ability to stretch without breaking and return to its original shape. Nylon vs. Polyester Nylon elongates up to 40% or more before breaking compared to polyester which has elasticity of only about 20%. Polyester also shrinks with heat. This means the same size nylon bag can hold more material without breaking open when pressure is applied. Although polyester is less expensive, nylon is safer and tends to be more durable. What about Silk? The cost of raw silk is 10-15 times higher than nylon. This would...

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