Why Use Parchment?


Why Use Parchment Paper?


There’s always a certain amount of chaos in my kitchen.

The oven is screamin’ hot.  There are egg yolks in the egg whites.  Flour : Everywhere.  I have an 8-inch round pan, a 9×13-inch pan, a burnt saute pan from Ikea, and a wooden spoon….and now I need a special spring-form pan just for a cheesecake!?  Yea…

Also… there’s flour everywhere.  A cat, too.  The cat, however, is medium normal.

There is something that can ease my chaos.  Ok… there are a lot of things that can ease the chaos:  a dishwasher and a kitchen assistant, for starters.  But I’m thinking of something that costs far far less… parchment paper!



Let me tell you… a roll of parchment paper is a lifesaver in the kitchen!

It’s worthy of roasting garlic.  It’s everything when it comes to baking cookies and roasting vegetables. It’s a nonstick wonder, and makes clean-up a breeze.  Parchment paper is also, often, reusable.  If I make cookies, I simply remove the cooled parchment, fold it up, and save it for the next round of baking.

Other incredible parchment paper uses:  for sifting flour onto, for gift wrapping, and food styling.

Parchment paper isn’t just for Martha Stewart-like home bakers, or pastry professionals.  Parchment paper was designed for people like us… people who don’t want to dirty a spatula just to get fresh cookies off a baking pan.

A warning:  parchment paper does not belong anywhere near a broiler.  That’s how one sets their house ablaze.

Please consider this a useful tip, a high-five, and a loving shove into the kitchen… get cooking!

xo joy


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