There’s nothing more American than lifting up your sleeves and enjoying the fruits of your own labor. Black Label Paper Company knows that with a few simple tools, anyone can safely produce beautiful, clean, solventless cannabis concentrates from their favorite flowers. However, many inexperienced DIY extract enthusiasts are experimenting with flammable chemicals and endangering themselves, their neighbors and the cannabis community as a whole. When national headlines speak to the ‘Horrific Byproduct of Marijuana Legalization,’ and inspire trending editorials like “Extraction Reaction: Let’s Be Smart About Dabbing the entire cannabis community suffers and the fight to nationally legalize marijuana becomes that much more difficult. Luckily, there is a safe, simple and inexpensive solution in “heat pressing.”

Pressing is the next major evolution in cannabis. With as little as a nug, hair straightener and Black Label Parchment Paper, anyone can produce pure all natural cannabis oils that are safer than back yard blasting and cleaner than BHO extracts. The process is also extremely easy to scale. With a minor investment in a pneumatic heat press, and a large collection of fresh flower, you could be extracting buckets of cannabis oil and bumping shoulders with your fellow Cannabis Cup winners at the next big event.


Black Label’s Bleached and Folded Parchment Paper Sheets are available in custom sizing options to suit anyone’s needs. These Parchment Paper Sheets perfectly capture and hold every last bit of cannabis oil during the “heat pressing” process. All you have to do is collect and enjoy your highly potent, all natural, solventless oil.


With one of the largest harvesting seasons just completed, and more than enough fresh quality flower to go around, there has never been a better time to get into DIY extraction. Every Cannabis Cup winning extract producer started at the bottom; see if you have what it takes to rise to the top with Black Label Paper Company products. Contact Black Label Paper Company for the tools you need and be a part of the evolution of extraction.