Black Label Paper Surpasses $1B in Retail Cannabis Extract Packaging Sold

Black Label Paper Surpasses $1B in Retail Cannabis Extract Packaging Sold

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Los Angeles – Black Label Paper today announced a major milestone in the cannabis packaging sector now accounting for over $1,000,000,000 worth of retail cannabis extract sales on one product SKU alone.   

The company’s most popular product - 4”x 4” pre-cut squares of premium American made, FDA approved, genuine vegetable parchment paper – has proven to be the full 1.0-gram packaging of choice for cannabis concentrate brands who appreciate the time and labor saved in the packaging process as well as the clean, uniform look that Black Label Paper products provide. 

“Since the inception of the company in 2015 when we were first to market with our initial lineup of American made parchment options, our goal has been to provide clean, safe, and useful packaging solutions that would allow top-shelf cannabis brands to display their products properly,” says Brandon Howard, Founder and CEO of Black Label Paper Co.  “It’s pretty simple math but it’s wild to think about. We’ve sold over 20,000,000 of the 4x4s. If each one is eventually filled with a $50 retail gram of cannabis extract, that amounts to over a billion dollars in retail cannabis being delivered to the consumer in our product.”

Howard says that the brand has substantial plans for expansion in 2020 including:

  • Branding update and website redesign to offer more customization options for customers with unique needs
  • A renewed promotional push into recently established recreational cannabis markets nationwide and in Canada – there are over 900 licensed extraction labs in California alone!
  • Increased grassroots marketing and brand building by way of industry trade shows, content creation, and sensible sponsorship opportunities
  • New additions to the product line by popular demand… and more.

Cost control is essential for any cannabis brand and Black Label Paper provides a domestic packaging source with deep roots in the industry it serves. From consultation to sales, the high-level experience amassed on the staff at Black Label Paper continues to prove to be an asset not only to their own company but to the thousands of successful companies who deploy their products.


Black Label Paper is the leader in FDA approved paper and film packaging solutions for cannabis, culinary and alternative energy markets nationwide in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Founded in San Francisco, CA, the brand was acquired by a Southern California entrepreneur. The company was created and developed to provide premium paper to the medical and food industries. Their specialty is American made, FDA approved parchment paper and film with custom sizing.

Black Label Paper currently offers an array of products and local paper cutting services with products ranging from parchment paper to glassine pouches to pre-folded sheets.  Their original line of parchment squares come in various weights and paper types.

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  • Jack Riordan