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Top 5 Rosin Presses on the Market Today

Mankind has enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the cannabis plant dating back at least 5,000 years, but the leaps in weed technology that we have seen just over the course of the past decade have completely transformed the way that many people enjoy the plant. Hash making - or the extraction and concentration of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in varying ratios in every strain of cannabis – is not a new practice, but it has been fascinating to watch that sector of the culture evolve in recent years. Recognizing the mature head of the cannabis trichome as the purest source of the plant’s benefits, hash makers spent decades perfecting the extraction process to preserve those heads, creating “full...

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Black Label Paper Surpasses $1B in Retail Cannabis Extract Packaging Sold

Los Angeles – Black Label Paper today announced a major milestone in the cannabis packaging sector now accounting for over $1,000,000,000 worth of retail cannabis extract sales on one product SKU alone.    The company’s most popular product - 4”x 4” pre-cut squares of premium American made, FDA approved, genuine vegetable parchment paper – has proven to be the full 1.0-gram packaging of choice for cannabis concentrate brands who appreciate the time and labor saved in the packaging process as well as the clean, uniform look that Black Label Paper products provide.  “Since the inception of the company in 2015 when we were first to market with our initial lineup of American made parchment options, our goal has been to...

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The Otherside Academy

The Other Side Academy is based on the methodology developed over the last 40 years know as the Therapeutic Community Model and is heavily based upon extensive study and learning from The Delancey Street Foundation, based in San Francisco and 4 other locations in the US as well as other successful Therapeutic Communities. Many individuals that will be admitted to The Other Side Academy have a history of social functioning, education/vocational skills, and positive community and family ties that have been eroded by their destructive and toxic lifestyles and choices. For them, integration back into society involves relearning or re-establishing healthy functioning, skills, and values as well as regaining physical and emotional health. Other students will have never acquired functional...

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Andy Ruiz X Black Label Paper Company Autographed Boxing Glove *GIVE-AWAY*

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