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Why Use Parchment?

Why Use Parchment Paper? There’s always a certain amount of chaos in my kitchen. The oven is screamin’ hot.  There are egg yolks in the egg whites.  Flour : Everywhere.  I have an 8-inch round pan, a 9×13-inch pan, a burnt saute pan from Ikea, and a wooden spoon….and now I need a special spring-form pan just for a cheesecake!?  Yea… Also… there’s flour everywhere.  A cat, too.  The cat, however, is medium normal. There is something that can ease my chaos.  Ok… there are a lot of things that can ease the chaos:  a dishwasher and a kitchen assistant, for starters.  But I’m thinking of something that costs far far less… parchment paper!   Let me tell you… a...

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News Denver - Setting the Parchment Paper Standard

Setting the Parchment Paper Standard in the Extract Industry In the marijuana extract business and want the best Black Label Paper Company was created and developed to fill a void in the extraction industry. We are the first company in the world to provide FDA approved specialty papers for a variety of industry needs. Currently we offer three products. The Original 4″x4″ Double Sided Non Stick Parchment Paper available now, our Signature 4×4 Printed Parchment Paper Squares, and our All Organic Natural Parchment Squares. We also have listed some additional services below. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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