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5 Clever Uses of Parchment Paper in the World

5 Clever Uses of Parchment Paper in the World of “Food” Although a staple in any professional kitchen around the globe, parchment paper is a crucial utensil of the everyday kitchen. The use of parchment paper comes with an array of convenience, and innovativeness that elevates baking or cooking experience to a new level by allowing you to create flavorful dishes. Parchment papers are oven safe; this means they can tolerate as much as 425°F without burning. You can use them to line non-stick culinary products such as baking cups, cooking bags, trays and more. Parchment papers not only seal in nutrients, but they also help to enhance the flavors of food while eliminating the need to spray extra oils...

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‘Pressing’ the Issue: Safe Marijuana Extraction with Black Label Paper Company There’s nothing more American than lifting up your sleeves and enjoying the fruits of your own labor. Black Label Paper Company knows that with a few simple tools, anyone can safely produce beautiful, clean, solventless cannabis concentrates from their favorite flowers. However, many inexperienced DIY extract enthusiasts are experimenting with flammable chemicals and endangering themselves, their neighbors and the cannabis community as a whole. When national headlines speak to the ‘Horrific Byproduct of Marijuana Legalization,’ and inspire trending editorials like “Extraction Reaction: Let’s Be Smart About Dabbing” the entire cannabis community suffers and the fight to nationally legalize marijuana becomes that much more difficult. Luckily, there is a safe, simple...

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Why Use Parchment?

Why Use Parchment Paper? There’s always a certain amount of chaos in my kitchen. The oven is screamin’ hot.  There are egg yolks in the egg whites.  Flour : Everywhere.  I have an 8-inch round pan, a 9×13-inch pan, a burnt saute pan from Ikea, and a wooden spoon….and now I need a special spring-form pan just for a cheesecake!?  Yea… Also… there’s flour everywhere.  A cat, too.  The cat, however, is medium normal. There is something that can ease my chaos.  Ok… there are a lot of things that can ease the chaos:  a dishwasher and a kitchen assistant, for starters.  But I’m thinking of something that costs far far less… parchment paper!   Let me tell you… a...

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