About Us

The History of Black Label Paper®

Black Label Paper® was established in 2014, first-to-market, trademarked & licensed brand (EST. 2015 - USPTO Trademark #6193683 ) offering various FDA approved paper and film packaging solutions for alternative markets nationwide in the United States, Canada and Europe.
Founded in San Francisco, CA, the brand was acquired by a Southern California entrepreneur. BLPco was created and developed to provide premium paper to the medical and food industries. Our specialty is American made, FDA approved parchment paper and film with custom sizing. Black Label Paper won Best New Product 2015 @ The Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa & the rest is history!
Currently we offer an array of products and local paper cutting services. Products ranging from parchment paper to glassine pouches to pre-folded sheets.  Our original line of parchment squares come in various weights and paper types.
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Industry Experts

  • All of our products are made in USA
  • Our papers are FDA approved for direct food contact.
  • We use genuine vegetable parchment papers ranging from 27lb, 35lb & 55lb basis weights.
  • Genuine Vegetable Parchment is the premier sheet in the extract market. Its release characteristics, heat resistance, grease resistance, and wet strength mesh quite well with the needs of the industry.
  • Double sided silicone coated parchment in release level range from easy to tight.

Custom Products

  • We can provide all of our paper in various widths and sizes.
  • Sheets and die cut pieces are always available with certain MOQ's. Standard square or rectangle shapes do not require MOQ's for custom sizes.
  • We are always developing new products and services based on current customer needs, and enjoy finding ways to provide customers with custom products at competitive prices.
  • Industrial grade films are available but are not FDA approved for human food contact or for baking.